RoughDraft 3.0

RoughDraft is a word processor for Windows platforms
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RoughDraft is a word processor for Windows platforms. This application is different than Microsoft Word or Open Office's word processor in that it is simple, to the point, and is designed for creative writers. The application is divided into roughly two panels. One on the left that is for the user to write and one on the right, which allows the user to access commonly used tasks and thus saves time. The application also has features that make the every-day writing of short stories, novels, plays, scripts and more way easier. You can even have the application create the front pages and summaries for you. To keep all your hard work safe, RoughDraft allows you to backup all the files ever opened in it onto an external drive of your choosing. The application will learn as you type, and will even auto insert words that you usually use to save you even some more time. With support for HTML code, you can even write content for publishing on a web site. The list of features keeps on going on. If this application had better design, it would be awesome.

José Fernández
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  • Great list of features


  • Weak design
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